Attorney's Title of Kitsap (ATK) embraces the concept of Excellence In Customer Service.

To emphasize this commitment, ATK has established a fair Complaint Management System, which includes a set of procedures outlining how problems need to be brought to ownerships attention.

Complaints offer ATK an opportunity to correct immediate problems and frequently provide constructive ideas for improving or adapting products and services. The primary goal behind ATK's management philosophy is complete customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we make it our highest priority to correct and resolve the problems and issues presented to us in every possible instance.

ATK’s management’s responsibility begins with the preparation of written policies and procedures for speedy and fair complaint resolution. These policies are communicated to all departments and emphasize the accountability of each employee to resolve complaints courteously and fairly.

If you wish to receive more information regarding Attorney's  Title of Kitsap  Consumer Complaint Management System, please contact ATK’s President & Owner, Paul Hofmann at (360) 633.2086.

Should you wish to file a formal complaint please fill out the form below OR call us  and we begin the process. 

Attorney's Title of Kitsap has embarked upon elevating the Principles of Excellence in Customer Service across all levels of the company’s operations. We welcome feedback and invite you to provide honest and positive ideas to enhance our corporate image and fulfill our mission to consumers and the real estate community.

Consumer Complaint Form

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